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Radios of the Birmingham Group

(Updated August 25, 2009)

Crystal Radio Projects

Brian Wingard's Xtal Set

with a modified bandpass filter.

Dee Haynes Radio

A bandpass filter radio using toroids.

Hop Hays'

A crystal set built on low loss plexi-glass.

Lem's Selective Radio

Lots of holy grail parts here and rook coils.

Jack's Modified Bandpass Set

Built with a little help from his friends.

Mosfet Crystal Set

Passive and with a good description.

Progressive Crystal Set

It just keeps growing.

Steve's Crystal Set

Built in a BC221.

J. B. McCreath Crystal Set

with a lot of details and a parts list.

Tube Radio Projects

Jack's original 1AD Superhet Radio

with a 6BA7 mixer tube.

Gil's version of the 1AD Superhet Radio

with a nice VR tube glow.

A very hot one tube radio

using a 12 volt 12DZ6 hybrid tube in a BC-221 chasssis.

Lem's version of a Regen Set

using the 12DZ6.

Dave's DX Regen Sets

radios from a master builder!!

Shortwave One Tuber

built by Tom Desaulnier.

Solid State Projects

80m Homebrew Receiver by KE4ID

build a great looking radio in an old AM/FM receiver cabinet.

80m Homebrew Station by KE4ID,

with a superhet receiver and VXO controlled transmitter.